Fannin (Stone) & Dall Sheep Hunts

Enjoy an adventure you won’t soon forget and earn a trophy that others are sure to envy!

Hunters and Sheep on a Rocky Hillside

Known for its old, heavy-based rams, the Blackstone area has excellent potential for harvesting the trophy of a lifetime. Mineral licks throughout the region help contribute to exceptional horn growth, producing several award-winning rams over the years. We have a healthy population of both Dall and Fannin sheep, with a wide range of colouring. Some of the Fannins are quite dark, having the appearance of a genuine Stone sheep, a common trait in the Blackstone area. In the last few years, about 75% of the rams taken have been Fannin.

Responsible Sheep Hunting

We strive to take the oldest rams possible, whether they be heavy-based and broomed, or a long and wide-flaring ram. In any case, our average age over the years has been at the 10-year mark, with an average horn length of 37 inches. Whether this is your first sheep hunt or you’re working on a collection, you can be assured that we will try our best to see that you have a chance at a fantastic ram.

Sheep Hunt Dates

Hunter and Sheep in the MountainsBlackstone Outfitters offers four sheep hunts, each lasting 10 days. This season opens August 1 in temperatures from 60 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. By mid-September, the temperatures are in the 40 – 50 degrees Fahrenheit range. We rarely loose many hunting days due to poor weather because we are far enough inland from the coast. We rotate our hunting regions on a 2 – 4 year rotation, ensuring our hunters have a chance at seeing some good old rams. Most hunters take a ram by day five or six, leaving time to hunt extra species if they so choose. On occasion, depending on hunters’ preferences and interest in optional game, especially grizzly, we have taken rams in late September and early to mid-October. Our success rate on our sheep hunts has been in the 90 – 95% range from year to year.

Most of our sheep hunts are done by backpack, with a few taken on traditional horseback trips.

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Hunter and Sheep