Moose Hunting in Northern Yukon

Man standing behind mooseExperience the thrill that comes with moose hunting in the Northern Yukon. There may not be a better opportunity in the North to obtain a record book Alaska-Yukon Moose. Vast tracts of superb moose country in the Blackstone area still remain untouched. If watching your guide call a big bull in close doesn’t get your adrenaline going, nothing will! Blackstone Outfitters offers a limited number of moose hunts, with mature bulls averaging 60” or better.

Traditional Yukon Moose HuntsTwo Hunters with a MooseOur moose hunts are done by traditional horseback/packhorse hunts or river float trips. The horseback hunts quite often venture into areas that are virtually unhunted. The horses have accessed some remarkable moose areas over the years. Often on these hunts, there is an additional possibility to take mountain caribou or a grizzly bear and sometimes wolves.

The camps used on the horseback hunts can range from comfortable mountain cabins to high-quality tents that travel with the packhorses or seasonal wall tents when appropriate. Our team of Yukon moose guides is ready with the right equipment for any challenge you face.

Floating Moose Hunting Trips

float-trip hunts have become very popular over the years. The river systems in our area offer exceptional scenery and tremendous moose hunting. The moose travel from the high country down to the rivers to rut. You will paddle or float an average of 5 – 10 miles per day on a Zodiac or Zebec raft. Pack your fly rod, or use ours, because the fishing on these trips is first class!

Your camp travels with you, and you may set up in a North Face or Mountain Hardware tent in one location for a couple of days or continue on through some of the best moose country our area has to offer. With several hundred miles of river to float on with many different drainages, the float-trips are often the hunt of a lifetime.

Contact us today to start planning an Alaska-Yukon moose hunt in the Northern Yukon. We proudly serve hunters and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world.