2020 Hunt Report

2020 was an eventful year for everyone no doubt, especially us at Blackstone. For our 21st year of operation dealing with the global pandemic held its fair share of complications. Through months of effort working hand in hand with the Yukon Outfitters Association we were able to take Canadian residents hunting. Though it wasn’t near a normal year, we took a few Canadian residents that were booked prior to the pandemic. On a normal year our season starts August 1st. This year our first clients arrived September 3rd.

With having been at camp for a couple weeks already doing a few upgrades on cabins and various other projects all the crew was very keen to get out hunting! Here are some highlights; Vern Swaren took a grizzly bear and a fantastic 11-year-old fannin ram with Tyler Maser and Colin. Chance Rich took a beautiful dark horned 11-year-old fannin with Grant Rach and John Bottomley. Dallas Turcotte took the first bull moose of the season with Ryan Beatson at Olson flats. Wayne Bowd took a tremendous heavy broomed ram with Scott Fontaine in the northern region of our area.

Kim Lockhart returned for the 4th time spending 10 days on the Hart river with Colin taking a 68” bull moose on the last afternoon of his hunt! Greg & Marlene Sawchuk along with Ross & Donna Edgett spent 12 days on a “Peel River cruise” with Ryan Beatson and Riley Carrie. Ryan and Greg connected with a fantastic bull the 11th day with Ross and Riley narrowly missing a great bull the 12th day!

Terry and Dwayne Konrad, a father and son, hunted with Tyler, Riley and Brian. Both Terry and Dwayne connected with two outstanding Bull mountain caribou in the first few days of their horse hunt. Ian Peters had a fantastic time river floating with Grant Rach taking the second 68” bull moose of the season! Curtis Cheney took a great Dall ram with Ryan Beatson. Tyler and Karen Pletz arrived for their second Blackstone experience and what an experience they had! Late season sheep hunting is no easy task but on the 9th day Tyler took his tremendous fannin ram! Guided by John Bottomley and Grant Rach.

Though this was not a normal year by any means, we had a great season and want to thank all of our hunters for putting the trust in us to fulfill their Yukon adventures! We also want to thank all of our Crew of 2020 for putting in the extreme effort it takes to ensure to the best of their ability that everyone is successful! We Also thank everyone booked with us in the future years to come for your patience and understanding through-out the Global pandemic. We are very excited for the 2021 season to come and hopefully the world has gone back a bit closer to normal by then!

Jim, Adrienne, Warren & Colin.