Grizzly Hunting in Yukon

Hunter with a Grizzly Bear in the MountainsGrizzly hunting is always an exciting challenge. It is common to see signs of these mountain bears throughout our area. The Yukon Government and Blackstone Outfitters have put together an excellent bear management system that helps ensure a good population.

We have Interior Mountain Grizzlies, with an average bear squaring about seven feet. Over the years we have taken several measuring more than eight feet. Our Grizzlies are taken on a spot and stalk hunt, which works well with the open terrain in our area.

Hunting in the Open

Grizzly bear hunting in open terrain gives the guide and hunter plenty of time to judge the quality and the sex of the bear. Bears are sometimes hunted on existing carcasses of other game as well. Good bears have been taken on horseback, with a backpack, and through river-float methods of hunting.

Man with Bear in WoodsThe Grizzly season opens on August 1st for the fall season, although, if you are interested in hunting a Grizzly bear, we recommend September or October. The quality of the hides is far superior later in the fall. There also seems to be a better chance to take a big old bear in late September or early October. Most hunters only take one grizzly during the course of their hunting life. With this in mind, that bear should be a high-quality trophy that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can secure a bear through our grizzly hunting in the Northern Yukon. We proudly serve hunters and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world.

Hunter with Grizzly Bear in the Forest

Hunter with a Grizzly Bear in a Stream

2 Grizzly Bears in the Snow