Mountain & Barren Ground Caribou Hunting in Northern Yukon

Hunter With a CaribouVenture into one of the most pristine areas for caribou hunting in Yukon Territory. Blackstone Outfitters is staffed by guides who share your love of hunting. 

The Blackstone area has produced some great trophy caribou over the years. We have a healthy resident herd of Mountain Caribou in the southern part of our area. They can be hunted either as an add-on to our sheep or moose hunts, or as a separate hunt throughout our season. These hunts are mainly done by horseback, but occasionally these caribou can be hunted backpack style.

The Heart of the Winter Range

Our area is the heart of the winter range of the famous Porcupine Caribou Herd. These Barren Ground Caribou migrate from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Northeast Alaska. Over the years we have enabled clients to witness this migration and harvest great trophy class bulls. This is an awe-inspiring sight and an experience of a lifetime, which can be matched in very few other places in the world. It is common to see 4,000 to 5,000 caribou during a hunt. We usually hunt these caribou on foot.

Healthy Population

Hunter in camouflage with a Caribou

According to a census, the Porcupine Herd was found to include more than 200,000. A previous census, taken just over 10 years prior, showed a count of 120,000. This herd is the largest in the Yukon Territory, and we are delighted to see the population increasing, as several northern herds have declined in recent years.

Although the caribou herd is large and healthy, there are years that they don’t migrate into our area in time for our season. With this in mind we don’t book hunts for a set date, but on an on-call basis. The migration usually occurs sometime in October.

Contact us today to plan your Mountain or Barren Ground Caribou hunt in the Northern Yukon. We proudly serve hunters and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world.

Two Hunters with a Caribou

Man next to caribou in field

Caribou Hunting in the Mountains