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Guiding and Outfitting the Northern Yukon

We live a life of true adventure in the pristine wilderness of the Northern Yukon. Experience matters when it comes to guiding and outfitting Yukon hunters. We operate in a vast and relatively unexplored area of the Northern Yukon that is filled with a rich variety of game that you can take home as a trophy of a lifetime. Test your skills as a hunter and enjoy the rugged mountains and winding river valleys that define our great expanse of wilderness. Tell us more about the type of experience you are looking for and let us help plan your next hunting adventure!

Hunting with us provides you with a wealth of options in regard to hunt styles and species available. You can choose to hunt separate species or a combination of Dall or Fannin Sheep, Alaska-Yukon Moose, Mountain and Barren Ground Caribou, Grizzly Bear as well as chances for Wolf and Wolverine. There are Arctic Grayling in all of the rivers of our area. These fish put up a sporting fight either by a spinning or fly rod and are a welcome shore lunch addition to a variety of meals that the guides provide.

Our sheep hunts start August 1st. We run four 10-day hunts to mid-September. Some years, depending on weather, we have taken sheep as late as mid-October. The sheep hunts are done by backpack, horseback or unique to our area, river float hunts.

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful white Dall or one of our grey Fannins, give Blackstone the opportunity to provide you with a hunt of a lifetime!

We normally start moose hunting in early September, just before the rut, and offer 4 moose hunts. The mid and late-September hunts lend great opportunity to call in big bulls during the rut. The hunt ending mid-October is our post-rut hunt that has proven very successful as the big old bulls are starting to wander away from the cows toward their wintering grounds in the high alpine. Hunt by horseback or boat.

The Blackstone area is one of the few in the Yukon to offer both Mountain and Barren Ground Caribou. The Mountain Caribou reside in the southern part of our area year-round. Our hunters can harvest Mountain Caribou from August 1st to our season’s end.

We are fortunate to be located in the heart of the wintering grounds of the Porcupine Caribou Herd. Depending on the time of their migration, we can start hunting this herd in early October through the end of our season. We have hunted this herd by backpack, horseback, snowmobile and ATV.

We are fortunate to hunt bears most often by spot and stalk due to the openness and vastness of the country. We hunt either by backpack, horseback or river float trip with the odd bear taken over a previously harvested moose or caribou carcass. Our later hunters, from mid-September to mid-October, are the best choice for heavy, full hides as the bears are preparing to hibernate.

Hunt the Yukon Successfully
Putting together a successful hunting trip can be difficult without the right information and equipment. Our guides have the training and tools needed to make your hunt a memorable one.

Contact our Northern Yukon outfit today to start planning your next adventure. Our outfit is family-owned with over 35 years of experience. Make your next hunting trip an adventure of a lifetime with Blackstone Outfitters. We proudly serve hunters and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world.