Nahoni Air


Nahoni Air is our exclusive in house flying service.  We have taken extraordinary steps in providing our clients a safe and professional Transport Canada approved flying service.  Our flying business has been in operation for 15 years, transporting hunters, game, crew, and equipment safely since then.  Transport Canada has many stringent procedures that we must follow in order to maintain our commercial licence.  Our aircraft are maintained by Northern Aviation Maintenance, which is a Transport Canada approved maintenance facility out of Fort Nelson, BC.


Our airplanes have been built and maintained for the purpose of mountain and true wilderness flying.  We operate 3 aircraft, an Ector Super Mountaineer (to you airplane buffs out there this is a highly modified Cessna Bird Dog).  This airplane was Cessna’s version of Piper’s Super Cub.  We also have a Super Cub built by the extraordinary team at Cub Crafters in Washington.  The third aircraft we have is used mainly for crew, freight, and hauling those big moose and caribou antlers.  The highly STOL (short take-off or landing) Helio Courier.

IMG_2767 IMG_2770

Our two pilots are Jim Fink and AJ Wamsteeker.  Jim has been flying in the North and in the mountains since 1979 and AJ has been flying for nearly 20 years.  AJ is an extremely good guide and horseman as well as a very competent pilot.



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