Hunting with Blackstone: The Horseback Hunt

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Horseback hunts offer access into what sometimes would be inaccessible hunting areas.  Over the years we have managed to take tremendous trophies of all the species that we hunt at Blackstone.  Our horseback hunts can range from a hunt with a pack string of a dozen or more horses for a ten day mountain adventure to quite often just day rides out of basecamp with just you, your guide and a packhorse looking for caribou.


During your horseback experience there are conventional and log cabins for your comfort after a day in the field.  Depending on the area and species you are hunting you many travel with a spike camp to different locations.  We have top quality equipment including tack from Rocky Mountain Saddlery, and tents from North Face, Marmot, Sierra Design, and Arctic Oven.  Quality wall tents are used as well, depending on your location.  We have a first class horse string with an experienced crew and quiet, user friendly horses, all with great dispositions suitable for hunters with limited experience.  The places that you can access with horses far exceeds other methods of travel, and the ability to pack out a trophy from virtually anywhere.

We have the option of hunting all species by horseback.  All our horse hunts have airplane support.


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