Hunting with Blackstone: The Backpack Hunt


Warren Backpack

For those hunters that enjoy the mental and physical challenge of a backpack sheep hunt, we access a lot of our sheep country by this method, occasionally using pack dogs.  Due to the vastness of our area, this allows our hunters hike into some very remote country that the horses can’t even get into.


There may not be more of a rewarding hunt in North America than a backpack sheep hunt.  With that being said, our backpack sheep hunts can be a very mild version from a day hunt from the strip where you are dropped off, or an expedition where you will travel varying distances between drop off and pick up points.  Hunters that arrive in good mental and physical condition have been very successful on this style of hunt.

HelioTrevor Airplane

As on other styles of hunting, we use top quality tents and camp gear.

Mark Asal Photos 274

Mark Asal Photos 270

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